Campaign Report – Secrets of Taren Kost, Episode 1

28 October, 2009

This Sunday, our new Pathfinder campaign got started.  After finishing up the characters, we got down to play.

Secrets of Taren Kost, Episode 1

Our heroes (and a heroine):

Elyse Silvereyes, bastard daughter of Irrida Silvereyes, now dead, and an unknown man.  Elyse was raised in secrecy as a child in the countryside by a rural noble and his sons and more recently educated at the Montepointe Academy for Feminine Education.  Not happy to be under the direct eye of her aunt.  (Rogue 2 played by L.)

Kael’andon Stormbrand, bastard son of Kiriani Stormbrand and an elven knight.  He has, much to the disappointment of his uncles, shown almost to talent in the martial tradition of the family.  Instead, he has attended and graduated from the University of Taren Kost as a Master of Divinatory Arcana.  He runs the “3-1-5 not 5-3-1” alchemical supplies shoppe.  (Diviner 2 played by T.)

Conall (Stormbrand), Paladin of the Undying Sun.  Conall has renounced his place in House Stormbrand to follow the Sun, breaking his engagement to Arla Kamber to do so.  The family is not pleased but as long as he continues working with the Stormbrand military they have let him follow his path without overt complaint.  (Paladin 2 played by J.)

Episode One: The Meeting

The City of Taren Kost is entering into Spring, there are slightly fewer young men on the streets than normal as many of them have been pressed into military and naval service.  The army is still fighting alongside the elves against the forces of the Black Tree and the navy prepares to combat other threats.  But at least the weather is turning better.

Events begin with Kael, who has been summoned to the family house by Eklin Clock, agent of Stormbrand family who controls Kael’s stipend.  Conall has been asked to insure that he does so and indeed, both cousins arrive at the appointed time.  While Imma Silvereyes, Elyse’s aunt and guardian, has escorted her to the same location.

Thus the characters are introduced, after some small talk and light refreshments, the purpose of the meeting is revealed!  Houses Silvereyes and Stormbrand wish to forge tighter bonds and how better than a marriage between them?  Naturally, Elyse and Kael are less than pleased by this but agree to meet in two days so that Elyse can see Kael’s shop and they can get to know one another.  Kael argues with Clock and the every prepared agent produces a letter from Kael’s uncle politely informing him to “not screw this up.”  With no one happy, they all return to their homes.

Elyse tries to contact people she knows in case she needs to make a bid for freedom.  While Kael tries to figure out how far he can go to offend Elyse without getting his stipend cut off. Two days later, they meet at Kael’s alchemical supplies shoppe (yes, he insisted on the -pe being added to shop) with Conall acting as chaperone.

The meeting started well, Elyse arrived fresh from her morning ride and they discussed the role of the traditional stuffed crocodile in the alchemist shop before setting down for tea and light refreshments (provided by Clock).  Kael tried to maneuver Conall into sitting between them but failed.  They discussed . . . things.  The conversation was quite freewheeling bouncing between various topics.  After a while, Conall excused himself to make more tea.

Then, something happened, and for the life of me, I am not sure what that set Elyse and Kael at each other’s throats.  Kael stormed off, Elyse complained bitterly to Conall about Kael’s lack of manners and, in a great splitscreen moment, Kael was in the back of the shop talking to himself about Elyse.   Kael returned, a potion was thrown at him by Elyse (the only die roll of the session) and  Kael shouted at everyone to get out.  Elyse left in a huff and Conall quietly withdrew leaving Kael to sulk in peace.

And on that note, we rolled credits for the episode.

Characters referenced in the game:

Eklin Clock
, visse clerk and agent of the Stormbrand family.  Short black hair, thin mustache, precisely dressed.  Responsible for ensuring that Kael receives his monthly stipend and does not get into trouble.

Imma Silvereyes, aunt and guardian of Elyse, very proper and straightlaced.  She is in her early 50s with iron-grey hair, slender and pale.  Wants to see Elyse married properly in such a way to help the family.

Konrad and Ricardo Stormbrand, uncles of Kael’s who have in the past (and may still) acted to try and ‘whip him into shape’ as a warrior.

Arla Kamber, Conall’s ex-finance, their marriage was broken off when Conall began following the Path of the Sun.

Martin Kamber, Arla’s brother who still harbors some ill-will towards Conall for reasons unknown.

Edit: Added splitscreen details.  Corrected sequence of events at the end of the game.

Next episode here.

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