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Fiction – Wizard’s Path II

13 October, 2009

Now up at the Mor Aldenn – City of Mages log is the second part of Cellian Varr’s story:

Wizard’s Path, Part II: Broken Bones

Feedback welcome either here or there or both.  Please go read and enjoy.


Tuesday Magic Item – Wicked (Weapon Enhancement)

13 October, 2009

A little something to make weapons more dangerous.

The light caught the blade and it seemed to glint evilly off the edge; which was not a clean, straight edge but subtly jagged as if to cause greater damage when it was pulled from a wound.   The swordsman wielding smiled wickedly and flourished the sword.  “Are you next?” he asked.

Wicked (Weapon Enhancement): Weapons with this magic ability cut deeper and inflict greater wounds than other weapons of their type.  They even seem to sense weakness and inflict greater wounds on those who are weak.

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