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New Monster – Fire Skeleton (Template)

12 October, 2009

More of the living dead, these are the most feared agents of the sorceress known as ‘Burns Brightly’ (short for Burns Brightly with Passion) who seeks to build her own Empire.

The swordsman turns from cutting down the outmatched guard.  Under its  helm is a skull, lit from within by unholy blue-green fire.  It screams in rage and lunges towards you, the blade of its sword errupting in the same flames that lights the interior of the creature.

Fire Skeletons are the animated bones of the dead, bound with a fragment of the creatures spirit, so they burn with an unholy fire.  Fire skeletons retain the glimmer of their past lives, making them exceedingly dangerous.  Unlike some undead, a fire skeleton is not mindless, though its intellect is limited, they possess a low cunning and talent for mayhem.  Universally, they hate their condition and seek both their own destruction and that of others, a strong hand is required to keep them in line.

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