New Campaign – Taren Kost Revisited

8 October, 2009

As my last campaign failed due to my lack of commitment and the players lack of interest, we have decided to start again.  Having just watched the fantastic 1970s versions of the Three and Four Musketeers, we decided to an try an urban campaign using Pathfinder.

After some discussion we decided to set it in Taren Kost as a cosmopolitan and well-known city.  Mostly, the city has been used as a staging point for adventures taking place out of town, though in earlier campaigns venturer groups helped to defend the city against assault and run an auction of magical books.  It has been more of a backdrop than a proper setting, now that has to change.

I am both excited and worried by this, I have never run an urban based fantasy campaign before.  My usual lax note taking will have to be improved.  It will begin in the Noble and University Quarters, but, knowing my players, they will soon rampage through the rest of the city.

We are using Pathfinder rule for the first time, but most of us are pretty comfortable with 3.x so it should not be to difficult of a transition.  Running it straight for the moment, house rules can be added in later as needed, but first I want to see how Pathfinder plays ‘out of the box’.  For characters, right now we have two bastard children of the nobility, one a wizard (from a line of soldiers) and the other a country-raised rogue, and maybe a paladin as the final character.  I will add an NPC of some flavor to help out as well, so it should be an interesting group.

I will be drawing on Tudor London as the primary source for the look and feel of Taren Kost.  A old mercantile city with tensions between the nobles and the merchants,  between those with power and those without.   We will see how the characters jump.

Our first game will be a week from Sunday.  I will let you all know how it goes.

Edit: You can read about how it begins here.

One comment

  1. I volunteer to help with any maps you need drawn. I might even get them beyond hand drawn and into some form of digital file. With my recent forays into Photoshop, Flash, and Fireworks digital map making projects don’t seem as intimidating as they used to.

    It would be interesting to see how my mental image of Taren Kost lines up with yours on paper.

    Scientia nos vocat!

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