Tuesday Magic Item – Sleep Pellet

22 September, 2009

From his sleeve, he plucked a small glass capsule and tossed it into the fire.  With a hollow pop, a wave of white smoke flowed out over the room.   The guards collapsed as they reached for their weapons.  When they awoke mere minutes later, he was gone.

A simple item for today:

Sleep Pellet

When cast into a fire, it creates a brief burst of milk white smoke out to a radius of 15′, all creature inside the area of effect must make a Will Save (DC12) or sink into a deep sleep for one minute.  Creatures with 4 or more hit dice are unaffected.

Sleeping creatures are helpless.  Slapping or wounding awakens them immediately but noise does not.  Awakening a sleeping creature is a standard action.

Faint enchantment: CL: 3rd; Prerequisites: Brew Potion, flare, sleep; Price: 300 (150 + 12 xp).

Note: A simple but useful item.  It  could be done as a alchemical item as well.

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