Pro without being Anti

17 September, 2009

Something I had not known about, by name anyway, until joining the RPG Bloggers Network was the existence of the Edition Wars.  I had ideas that there was continued dispute between those using 4e and those playing 3.x and a few people who preferred earlier editions and then the Old School Renassaince movement really got rolling . . .   So, there was lots to argue about it seemed and sometime it got out of hand.

Berin Kinsman replied to it all with the ROLPUNK manifesto with its central tenant of “roll dice, have fun.”  An idea I highly approve of.

I also think there is nothing wrong with supporting and promoting games you enjoy, just do not try and mess with anyone else doing the same.  For example, I am really enjoying exploring the new Pathfinder system.  So I am adapting the material I am posting to support it.  I am trying to understand the FATE 3 system a bit more, so I may try some conversions there too.  But other systems will probably not be supported by me, as I do not have the time and inspiration to do so.

This does not mean I dislike those other games, just that I am not playing them.   And if people want to do their own conversions of my ideas to other systems, I would love to see them.   It is great if I can inspire people and there is always something to learn for such efforts.

In summation,  play the games you like and let others do the same.


  1. Agreed. 🙂

  2. My favorite parts of the roleplaying hobby are the DIY ethic and cross-pollination of ideas. It’s all about finding the system that works for you and bringing in the extra stuff you like.

    • Yes. I love stealing . . . er . . . adapting outside material for the game I am playing.

  3. Hells yes.

    Fuck the bullshit, let’s game.

  4. Roll Dice, have Fun?

    Now THAT’S the way to do a Game!

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