New Magic Item – Wayedge

12 September, 2009

This is a fun and interesting meme among the RPG bloggers, starting with Taichara and the Trollsmyth and moving to the Tower of the Archmage and Oddysey’s journal each has build a magic item with the name Wayedge.

So, I present to you Wayedge for the Sea of Stars:

A fragment of the god of traveler’s sword fell to Earth during the battle between the gods and the dragons, striking with a great chime, it recreated itself.  A weapon to be taken up against those who were fighting its master but before it could do so . . . the war was over and the world was Sundered.

Lost for a thousand years, Wayedge has waited to fulfil its new purpose, to avenge its fallen master.

Wayedge is a simple blade, a sabre, made of a dull grey metal except for the edge which is of the purest silver.  The crossguard and grip are carved from a single pale grey stone.  It is light and perfectly balanced weapon, and set on a surface where it can freely turn, it will slowly rotate until it points towards the nearest dragon.  When held, the blade’s desire for vengeance against the dragons can be sensed, but it cannot otherwise communicate.

Wayedge is a +2 scimitar, speaking the true name of a dragon and swearing to slay it turns it into a focused weapon, gaining the dragon-bane and speed qualities when fighting that named dragon.  Additionally, the weilder gains Resistance 30 to the energy type of the dragon’s breath weapon and gains true sight only for the purpose of seeing through any disguise or deception used by the dragon to avoid the weilder.  Wayedge can only be attuned to one dragon at a time.

Repeated failure to make progress to hunt down a dragon will cause Wayedge to teleport away to see a new champion.  Equally, if it current wielder is defeated by a dragon, it will teleport far away, hoping to find a new (and more successful) partner.  Wayedge is not unbreakable, however it cannot be physically harmed by a dragon.

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