Stephan D’Arvanti – Wizard of the Eosiant Kingdom

31 August, 2009

The last character of August (and just getting it in under the wire), a proud son of the Eosiant Kingdom:

Stephan D’Arvanti, Celebrity Wizard of the Eosiant Kingdom

Quote: Culture and magic intertwine into a superior whole in Eosiant.  For you, magic is a tool, for us, magic is an art!

Description: Tall and graceful, handsome and superbly self-confident, Stephan cuts an impressive figure.  Suave, sophisticated, handsome, all that and more is Stephan, ornately but not foppishly dressed, his brown hair is carefully curled, his mustache, perfectly waxed.  His blue-grey eyes watch everything with a secret amusement.

Stephan’s network of society contacts and vast bank account ensure he is always on the cutting edge of fashion.  He has access to variety of enchanted jewelry, changing it out as needed to match his outfits.

Background: Stephan D’Arvanti was born in the lap of luxury, the third son of the Duc of D’Arvanti, he had access to the best tutors, the best food, and, ultimately, the best university.  It was at the University that his talent for magic was discovered.  He learned and quickly excelled, turning his formidable intelligence to master the arcane arts.  After graduation he served for a few years with the Directorate of Magic before moving onto private practice.

Stephan now acts as a magical consultant to the highest levels of Eosiante Society.  He spends time traveling and gathering exotic items for his own collection and to start new trends.  He also publishes a range of books about his travels.

Presenting this Character: Stephan is a complete ass but amazingly powerful, both socially and magically.  When he enters a room, people take notice, you may not like him -in fact you probably will not- but he has the ear and trust of important people.  Offending Stephan will make likely make social and politics more difficult, but it may be hard to stomach him as a friend.

What can he do?: Stephan is absurdly talented as a wizard, like everything else in his life  magical talent came easily to him.  He is very well read, a master of etiquette, a skilled storyteller and a charming guest.  Magically, he is a master wizard with an arsenal of magical devices.  Stephan is not afraid of combat, relying upon his magical protections to defend himself long enough for him to attack or flee, as he judges wisest.

Who might know him and why: Any aristocrat in Eosiant would at least know of Stephan, even if they have not met him personally.  His status as magical advisor to the aristocracy is well known.

Anyone who works for, or with, the Eosiant Directorate of Magic, has had at least passing contact with Stephan, as he is always certain to get approval for all of his magics.  His status is so high that his requests are simply rubber stamped.

For all that he is a colossal pain, Stephan is an exceptionally talented wizard.  He writes widely about magic and legends, along with his own travels.

Plot Hooks: The characters could be hired assist Stephan in his latest travelog, acting as guides, porters and sources of information and stories.

Stephan needs an entourage to make his appearance at a local court more impressive, and the characters have the right look for the impression he wants to give.  Can the characters put up with Stephan and the dangers of court long enough to make contacts and be paid?

Stephan has an items the characters need -for protection, travel or whatever- and the characters must convince him to part with it.


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