Kirras Rhal, Captain of the starship Queen of Stars

14 August, 2009

One of the many, but one of the best, starship captains who ply the Sea of Stars:

Kirras Rhal, Captain of the starship Queen of Stars

Quote: This is my ship, do as I say or learn to swim.

: Captain Rhal is a tall ebony-skinned woman with curling raven tresses that fall to her shoulders and watchful green eyes.  She is in her early forties but still athletic and fit.  A set of twisting scars run down her left forearm, the result of a run in with a cloud squid.

Rhal favors loose clothes in dark colors, pants aboard ship and skirts when going ashore.  She wears golden bracelets, a few rings, and an amulet or two.  She goes barefoot aboard her ship.  Rhal wears the traditional cutlass of a sailor and seems comfortable in its use.

Background: Rhal has been aboard starship since she was six, serving as a cabin girl before proving herself and becoming a rigger and then a mate.  Eight years ago, she was given the chance to buy out the Captain of the Queen of Stars, she jumped at the chance.  Since then, she has earned a reputation as a competent Captain who gets her cargo through.

Presenting this Character
: Rhal is professional and no nonsense when it comes to her livelihood and her ship, the Queen.  She will abide no threat to either.  On board the Queen, she expect her orders to be carried out instantly and without questions but she is happy to consult the crew, and sometimes even the passengers, when it is not a crisis.

However, when not on business, she is very open and friendly, ready with a smile and story.  Rhal drinks, but never to excess, and can carouse with the best of them.

What can she do?
: Rhal is an excellent sailor, knowing every inch and every task aboard her ship, she is not an expert in every skill needed but she has a least a basic knowledge of them all.  She is a very competent navigation and still good with the lines and sails when needed.  Her combat skills are solid, she is not the best fighter in the world but she knows her ship and fights dirty.

Who might know her and why: Rhal is fairly well known among the Captains who travel the Sea of Stars, she get her cargos through safely and on time.

A merchant may have hired her ship or received cargo from the Queen.  A dockworker or shipwright may have crossed paths with the Captain in pursuit of their duties.

Other starship captains and crew could know her, or even worked with or for her at one time or another.  Rhal often contracts temporary crew as needed.

Plot Hooks: Rhal and her ship is there to get people from place to place but odd things can happen while sailing the Sea of Stars.

If the character have specialized skills, they could be hired to assist with the transport of an unusual cargo (such as wild animals, strange ore, whatever).

If the characters have any sailing skills at all, Rhal might be forced to recruit them after losing crew in a storm and under pressure to make a delivery on time.

The Queen of Stars is a fine three-masted starship made of Cirras Wood, a black wood with a dark violet grain.  The ship’s figurehead has inlaid mother of pearl hair and golden eyes.

There are other interesting characters who serve on the Queen of Stars, let me know if you would like to read about them.


  1. Consider this totally appropriated for my Battlestar Galactica game!

    Great stuff!

    • Glad to be able to help, even across genres. Let us know how it goes perhaps even in the forums.

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