Wandering the Web [1]

9 August, 2009

Again, as a supporter of the RPG Bloggers’ Network time to share interesting things from other gaming sites (and a few other sites as well):

6d6 Fireball has a free adventure, The Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder for download (and hopefully community feedback).  So if you are in need of a 3.x adventure, this one looks very promising.

Tales of the Rambling Bumblers expands on the Super Simple Combat Maneuver idea.  Still pondering on how to adapt this best to my game.

A resource for odd, bizarre and unique places anicent and modern: Atlas Obscura.  It even has an article on the Tree that Owns Itself here in my current hometown, Athens, GA.

Planetary Nebula, such distant beauty.

Click to visit A Gross of Goblins!

Oh dear, it seems like a goblin from a Gross of Goblins has found its way here, be careful or one might follow you home too.

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