Daleron Stormbrand – Knight-Commander of Taren Kost

7 August, 2009

Today, we return to Taren Kost and meet with one of its most noble leaders:

Daleron Stormbrand, Knight-Commander of the Cavalry of Taren Kost

Quote: It is my honor to serve Taren Kost and the Stormbrand line, I will not fail my home or my ancestors.

Description: Daleron is a strikingly handsome man, with the dark hair and blue eyes his linage is known for.  Daleron is tall with the build of a man of action, natural as he has been training for the field of battle since he was five.  He has a variety of small scars but the only marring one is along the outside of his left thumb, he often unconsciously rubs at it when he is thinking.  He is polite but direct, formal when in public (and only slightly more relaxed at home), he is an aristocratic military leader and it shows in everything he does.

Daleron’s clothes are usually of a practical cut, but of fine materials, unless he is attending a formal occasion in which case he wears what finery is required.  He is clean shaven and his hair is worn short so as to better fit under a helm,  His armor is midnight blue full plate armor chased with gold, the colors of his house.  As the eldest son of the house, he bears the sword of House Stormbrand, ‘Lightning’s Flash’, a long sword with a mirror-polished blade, its hilt wrapped with blue dragon skin and decorated with two blue diamonds.

Background: The eldest son of Perren and Wisteria, Lord and Lady of House Stormbrand, Daleron was raised to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the next Knight-Commander of the Cavalry of Taren-Kost.  In effect the Stormbrand House leads the city-state’s standing military (which only comprises a small portion of Taren Kost’s available military, which is drawn from the militaries of the Houses, the Guilds’ militia and the Civic militia).  From an early age, every day was turned to that one goal, his family, tutors and arms masters all assisting.  It was not until he was fourteen did Daleron ventures out into the wider city on his own, learning the city and its vices.  Here he met Constantine Southlight who would be his rival during these years.  They contested for friends, influence, even women.  Daleron usually won but Constantine was a constant thorn in his side until he mysteriously vanished.

Daleron found himself surprisingly rudderless without his rival, carousing lost its appeal and he returned to improving and preparing himself.  To his mother’s unhappiness, he served on skyships and starships, guarded caravans and stood guard on distant shores, learning the military tasks that Taren Kost’s soldiers performed firsthand.  He returned a much harder and more thoughtful man, spending his time working with his father and training with the cavalry.

Constantine’s return after thirteen years, thirteen years his rival had been trapped unaging, shocked Daleron.  Awaking old feelings that he had thought buried, but he set them aside for the good of the city, even as Constantine’s exploits brought him fame and recognition.  It perhaps would have overcome his resolution, seeing Constantine so feted, had not Perren Stormbrand been murdered by a traitor in his own command.  This thrust Daleron into command, effectively of Taren Kost’s home army, in the middle of a set of magical attacks on the city, which he handled with skill and determination.

He now seeks to be as good of a leader as his father was and promote the Stormbrand House.  As Taren Kost is threatened with war, his scope for advancement is great.  While his mother, Wisteria, is pressuring him to take a wife but he has not done so yet.

Presenting this Character: Daleron Stormbrand is, as it happened, exactly what he appears to be, an aristocratic patriot, a family loyalist and a solid leader.  He is arrogant, but in an offhand way, as he has so very few peers to deal with. He knows his position in the world and expects everyone else to as well.  This means he is very concerned with the care of the soldiers under his command, in the field he shares their hardships and risks, in the barracks in ensures they are kept busy and properly supplied.  Good models for his presentation would be a Prussian nobleman, especially in the 19th century mold.

He has never needed to stoop to underhanded means to get what he wanted so he can still be taken by surprise by those, but only on the political/social side of things.  He is very well read in military stratagems and tactics.

What can he do?: While Daleron is not the best swordsman of his generation, he is a very competent combatant.  He trains daily and intensely, though he has had only a very few actual battles under his belt.  Daleron truly shines as a leader of men, his ability to size up the situation on a battlefield is remarkable and his soldiers trust him not to use them poorly.  He is a good warrior, but a great general.

Outside of combat, Daleron is charming, polite and well read (especially in history) if reserved.  He is slightly disdainful of those without the skills to defend themselves in combat, but he tries to conceal this.

Who might know him and why?: Every aristocrat in Taren Kost knows Daleron and everyone in the city knows of him.  Anyone who served in the military of Taren Kost, even as a mercenary, has at least met him in passing.

As Knight-Commander of the city, he has met with all major foreign visitors and he enjoys learning of other places as he does not have the option to travel much.

Plot Hooks: Daleron cannot let his rivalry with Constantine go, nor can he let his rival be destroyed, he is too useful to the city.  But if someone can make Constantine’s life . . . interesting, Daleron would be willing to hire them (in such a way that it would be deniable).

Daleron is always in need of news of rivals of Taren Kost (such as the High Kingdom of Laccini) and will pay well for information about such.  He may even hire agents to spy or sabotage those threatening his city.

A talented female warrior might catch his eye for a tryst or even marriage if she is from a noble linage.

Still waiting to hear if people wish to see statistics for the characters presented?  And if so, for what systems?  Please let me know.

Character form improved by adapting Character Submission Formats for Any Game from the Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer site.

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