Delcemmer Ruby – Priest of the Undying Sun

3 August, 2009

The first August character, appropriately the very first NPC from the Sea of Stars:

Delcemmer Ruby, Blind Dwarven Priest of the Undying Sun

Quote: Like the gentle touch of the morning sun on skin is the healing gift of his power.

: Delcemmer is in many ways a typical dwarf, solid and strong.  His ruby dwarf heritage is shown in his red hair and ruddy skin.  He wears his hair cut short and his beard in two simple braids ending on a gilded sun bead.  His eyes are sightless white and he usually conceals them behind a yellow scarf.

He proudly wears the robe of a priest of the Undying Sun, wearing mail underneath if danger is expected. Delcemmer does not carry any weapons beyond a simple staff, which he also finds useful as a navigational tool.  His healer’s kit is meticulously organized so that he can quickly find what is needed by touch.

Delcemmer Ruby speaks softly and listens carefully.  He always has a kind word to those who need it.  Delcemmer has a vast collection of dwarven stories and legends of the Sun, though he is careful about whom he shares the later with, after all, the dragons may be listening in.  He does not think of himself of a revolutionary but Delcemmer would suffer any danger to see the Sun freed from his prison

Background: Born blind, Delcemmer has always heavily felt that he was a burden to his family and his clan.  It often seemed to him that only the Sun cared for him.  He resolved to care for the Sun and his Family in return.  With the permission and aid of his clan’s chieftain, Delcemmer was sent to the Tower of the Sun in Kar Ellis for the last decade to learn the way of the Sun.

With the end of his training, Delcemmer has begun to travel the lands in order to spread the words and kindness of the Undying Sun.

Who might know him and why: Delcemmer is well known among the Cult of the Undying Sun as a faithful, and thoughtful, priest of the Sun.  If there are those in need, Delcemmer will be happy to travel to help them and spread the healing light of Sun.

He has helped adventuring groups in the past, as long as they are not acting for purely selfish reasons, Delcemmer would be willing to do so again.

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