Kar Ellis – the Golden City

20 July, 2009

Under the Tower of the Sun is the Golden City:

City of Kar Ellis

The city of Kar Ellis is famous for two things:

  • The Tower of the Sun, a vast edifice reaching to the sky, the upper reaches are gilded while the lower reaches are decorated with gilded brass work.
  • The superb jewelry produced by the city.

The Tower of the Sun was the primary temple to the Lord of the Sun before the Sundering and it remains a center of the Cult of the Undying Sun.  A healers school, sponsored by the Cult, exists in the shadow of the Tower.  An Imperial garrison, admittedly of only 30 soldiers, keeps an eye on the Cult and Tower.

The city is ruled by the Honourable, Old and Noble Guild of Goldsmiths and Jewelers.  The goldwork and jewelry of Kar Ellis is widely renown, far and wide, though the local gold mines are almost worked out and the city must now import most of the metals and gems that it uses.

The island that Kar Ellis is on is a rough oval, ninety miles ling at its longest (north-south) axis and seventy miles at its narrowest.  The city is placed near to the southern edge of the island and area around the city itself is low plains, well suited to wheat and barley, rising to low hills and then low mountains.
Several other islands have been anchored to the main island, all because they have (or had) useful mineral resources.

Kar Ellis was the setting for the very first adventure I ran for the Sea of Stars.  Designed very much as a company (guild) town.  It incorporates elements of the Italian guilds and modern corporations to build a powerful, and self-interested, government.  There is also a place for ‘anti-dragon’ based plotting with the Cult of the Sun.



  1. This city and island has been borrowed (under a different name) for my current campaign. The players are on there way there now with a passenger after wedding jewelry.

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