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16 July, 2009

Since yesterday was taken up by my first Through the Lens of History article, I thought I would spend some time today pointing out some of the interesting resources I have found lately, many through the RPG Bloggers’ Network.

Inkwell Ideas has a numerous useful resource including the wonderful Hexographer, which creates TSR-style maps.  Casts me back to many an hour spent playing the Divine Right boardgame.

Nevermet Press is doing a nice job building up their website with interesting content.  A nice way of going about things and I wish them luck.

A selection of fantasy wallpapers for your computer, though it would have been nice if the artists had been given a bit more recognition.  (Hattip to 6d6 Fireball for the link.)

Another good source of no less fantastic images is National Geographic, check out the Landscapes for example.

Well, that should be enough for today.  Enjoy and feel free to pass along any interesting sites you have found recently.

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