Tuesday Magic Item – Combat Goggles

14 July, 2009

For the adventuring wizard:

Combat Goggles

These goggles are made of alchemically treated glass set in a brass frame and encased in alchemically treated leather.  Usually the glass is a pale blue and the leather is black, but other combinations are possible.  A motto is usually inscribed on the brass frame, “Know Thyself” being one of the most common.

While worn they provide the wearer with a +3 enhancement bonus to initiative and the ability to see invisibility.  While worn the wearer receives a +1 circumstance bonus to saves against gaze attacks and other effects that target the eyes (such as flare).

Greater Combat Goggles posses the further ability that on command, they enable the wearer to act as though hasted for up to 10 rounds each day.  The duration of the haste need not be consecutive rounds.

Combat Goggles.  Faint divination and transmutation; CL 5th; Create Wondrous Items, cat’s grace, see invisibility; Price: 7,000 (3,500 + 280 xp).
Greater Combat Goggles.  Strong transmutation; CL 10th; Create Wondrous Items, cat’s grace, haste, see invisibility; Price: 14,500 (7,250 + 580 xp).

While designed for a wizard, just about anyone can take advantage of these useful tools.  But wizards, especially, need to be able to get the jump in combat.  This is another item from the Julian collection, combining combat advantage (initiative bonus) with utility (see invisibility).

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