Tuesday Magic Item – Shield Bracelets

7 July, 2009

Finding that I have an considerable amount of magic items designed, so I have decided to share them.   I will have items up overy Tuesday with notes  about why it was created and campaign uses.

For the first item:

Shield Bracelets

These bracelets are always matched pairs and usually made of silver with a shield design worked in that is often enameled.  With a command word (free action), they generate a shield (as the 1st level Arcane spell) at 5th level of effect up to twice a day.

Shield Bracelets are often combined with Bracers of Armor to provide additional defense for the wearer.

Faint abjuration; CL: 5th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Items, shield; Price: 3,600 (1,800 + 144 xp).
Combined with Bracers of Armor, Craft Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Create Wondrous Items, mage armor, shield, creator class level must be twice that of the bonus placed in Bracers; Price: 4,350 (+1, 2,175  +174xp), add +3,200 (+1,600 +128xp) to the cost of Bracers of +2 value or greater.

These are part of the Julian Collection of items, manufactured by the Julian Family of Wizards for their own use.  This item is very straight forward additional defense for a spellcaster, some constant armor bonus and the very useful shield on call.  Not terrible powerful but very useful.

Really, there is not a lot to say about these beyond that they increase the survivability of a low level wizard considerably as no spell slots need to be devoted to memorizing shield and they make Bracer of Armor, a very expensive magic item for the protection it provides, a bit more cost effective.

Overall, I am very pleased by this design, simple and workable.

Please share your thoughts

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