The Dragon Empress’ Agents

26 June, 2009

While the Empress has removed herself from the day to day running of her Empire, there is a certain minimal Imperium Government that exists to ensure that her will, enacted through the Imperial Edicts, are carried out.

The Imperial Government is organized under her Seven Stars, who are known only by their titles:

The Chancellor, The Herald, The Hunter, The Judge, The Marshal, The Minister and The Sage.

Together they oversee:

  • The Imperial Army, mostly cadres around which other troops can be organized.
  • The Imperial Auditors, who ensure the appropriate taxes flow into the Imperial coffers and maintain the purity of Imperial currency.
  • The Imperial Courts, for the small number of cases tried under Imperial Law.
  • Intelligencers, the eyes and spies of the Imperium, watching from the shadows for threats and dangers.
  • Shel’lioc and the Imperial Holdings, the lands personally held by the Empress, which include the Capital and all its wonderful museums.

Imperial Agents are rarely seen, but when they are, they are treated with the utmost respect as they can mobilize the entire weight of the Imperium when needed.

But all told, there are less than 10,000 beings, dragons and others, in direct Imperial service, yet the Empress still maintains control over her Empire.  Some would think that she is too trusting of those lower on the ladder of rule . . .

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