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Gaming Webcomics

24 June, 2009

We all need to laugh at our hobby and ourselves on occasion.  These are the gaming related webcomics that I visit:

WereGeek, a recent discovery but one I am glad I found.  The first arc is a little slow and a little weak but after those initial startup problems, the strip really takes off.  Highly recommended.

Girl Genius, while not technically a gaming comic, it will be enjoyed by gamers, and it is written by Phil and Kaja Folio who did the classic What’s New strips for Dragon Magazine back in the mists of time.

And one cannot mention gaming webcomics without mentioning Order of the Stick, you must know about it already.

Now, my gaming is primarily RPGs, with some CCGs and the occasional board game,  I do not do computer based gaming at all (I know, weird), and my choice of webcomics reflect that.

What are your favourites from around the web?  What is good out there that I have missed?

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