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17 June, 2009

Why does the gaming world need another fantasy campaign setting?  Well, in honesty, I would have to say it does not need one but that does not stop it from wanting or finding a new one useful.

If you are a gamer like me, you love to be exposed to new ideas and new takes on things.  You see  clever new adventure or magic item and you think “how can I fit that into my campaign?”  That is what I am hoping to inspire here.

The Sea of Stars is a very modular setting and it is one of my design goals that it will be easy to pluck pieces of it out, ‘file off the serial numbers’ and add them to your game.

  • Need a powerful evil empire? The Dark Star Dominion is ready to conquer the lesser nations of any world.
  • Like tinker gnomes but think they are too cute?  Cue the sinister, yet short, Sen’Tek engineers and their death squads.
  • Someone want to play someone who is part dragon but does not want to go the full half-dragon route?  Look at the Dracovi and the Dani bloodlines.

As we explore the Sea of Stars, I hope to discuss how the ideas can be used in both a Sea of Stars campaign and in a wider sense.  Equally, I hope to start conversations on what makes good gaming and campaign building in general.

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