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Dark Future Ahead 8 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

6 October, 2014

Interested in how the Japanese build idol singers and bands?  IO9 breaks it down for us.

On that theme, music is one way to tie a corporate family together, IBM used to have its own orchestra and songbook, read more about them here (and even hear song clips).

Need an interesting place for a character to live?  What about a converted passenger aircraft?

Or perhaps in a huge vertical slum, like the Tower of David in Caracas, Venezuela?  The authorities are now clearing it out, after a mere twenty years.

More tips on how to camouflage yourself from facial recognition systems from CV Dazzle.

Looking as the possibilities of ectogenesis (artificial wombs), a world of options open if these can be perfected..

Close ties between corporate R&D, the state and the military, Israel has all those, seems like the megacorporate ideal!  “We know how to talk military, we know the needs. And we know how to translate these needs into technology.”

2000AD has a preview out for their new Jaegir comic one shot which has a good dark industrial feel to it.

How about spying on or hacking the systems of a car?  It is going to become increasing possible.  Best invest in good firewalls.


Dark Future Ahead 7 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

14 July, 2014

Building the future!  PBS has an excellent show on building super skyscrapers, recommended.

This is a mission in the making, the dirty business of palm oil, environmental destruction, mercenaries, shells games and a corrupt government, what more could you want?  Well, probably for it not to be real.

One way to avoid facial recognition technology, wear someone’s else face.

Control of how the media perceives you is an important tool on anyone in power, see how the White House does it.

Vanadium useful for steel and batteries, this may become an even more important resource in the future.  Again, a potential mission.

Can you ask for a better adventure seed than this?  “A herd of hippopotamuses once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar has been taking over the countryside near his former ranch.”  Read more here.


Dark Future Ahead 6 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

26 April, 2014

The LA police are watching you . . . and recording you . . . and analyzing the data, predicting crime and more.  But who watches the watchmen?

For the musically minded, a drummer’s cyberhand.  Or you can look at Z-Machine, the all robot band.Ride with (anime) style

The future of urban farming?  Would you eat salad grown in a bomb shelter?

The Honda NM4 Vultus looks like it is from the future and is built like it too, Honda brings anime style to the streets.

Another possible step towards cybereyes, Google Eyes, Google Glass as contact lens.

Would you live in a house that was 3D printed?  You can now.

More to the soul of cyberpunk than anything else, Freedom2014: Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes’ The Key.


Mapping the Lost Lands

5 April, 2014

On Wednesday, one of my RPG groups meets and we play a variety of things, including most recently AD&D and playtesting some systems being developed by the various members.  But, as we have had some unscheduled disruptions to playtesting, we generated Rolemaster characters and started an exploration based game with the game world being defined by our choices and the crazy random tables of Rolemaster.

You can read about our first adventure here:

Mapping the Lost Lands

Which is a site put up by our GM.  I am playing Orlyn the warrior, and (from my perspective) the only one of the group with any common sense.


Dark Future Ahead 5 – News from the ‘Net of a Cyberpunk bent

12 February, 2014

Taking bets on the future, the BBC looks to the next 150 years.  Where are you placing your bets for the future?

Europol’s European Cybercrime Center (EC3) looks to the challenges of 2020, interesting to see what the EuroCops think the future of technology will look like and the dangers it will pose.

French artist Vincent Fournier has seen the future of evolution, in which humans design animals for their own uses.  You can see more at his own galleries.

These augmented reality glasses take us another step closer to cybereyes.  And the TrackingPoint targeting system is a proto-smart gun system, currently undergoing field trails by the US military.  Technology marches forward.

And for some humor, sustainable kidnapping!


D&D 40th Anniversary Questions in one Big (Blog) Hop

1 February, 2014

D20 Dark Ages is hosting a daily Blog Hop in honor of the 40th Anniversary of D&D.  But as I am not up to doing this on a daily basis (like Tales of the Rambling Bumblers) I will do it in one big post and wish the others well in their blog hopping.

1: First person who introduced you to D&D? Which edition? Your first Character?

Read the rest of this entry ?


Greenwheel Carnival – Ivorysmile’s Mobile Apothecary and Medicine Emporium

18 January, 2014

As my contribution to Role Play Craft‘s Green Wheel Carnival collaboration:
Sign of Quality

Ivorysmile’s Mobile Apothecary and Medicine Emporium

Ivorysmile’s wagon is large and heavy, taking four unhappy looking oxen to pull it from place to place.  The green paint scheme on the wagon is enhanced by various plants growing in window boxes and climbing up the sides of the wagon which is painted with stylized herbs and plants, the real and unreal intertwining.

When open for business, there is a canvas awning set up and straw mats placed on the ground.  Tables of gathered herbs, bottles and jars full of plants, seeds and odd powers and are stacked up and small boxes contain the more exotic materials back with Ivorysmile has a set of scales, mixing bowls, pill makers and more, all ready to “cure any ill and treat any ailment” as he puts it.  Any common medicine or cure, along with a variety of common nostrums for those who will not take his advice, is available along with some more exotic remedies which he keeps close at hand and away from sticky fingers.

Aurson Ivorysmile is tall and thin with heavily-lidded dark eyes.  His fingers are long and dexterous and most have rings on them.   His skin is pale and -in some lights- has a slight green cast.  He wears simple robes with pockets everywhere and often covers his bald head with a tightly wrapped turban.  Ivorysmile happily plays up his foreign and exotic appearance, making obscure comments on occult subject to confer an air of otherness about himself.

Ivorysmile is an amazingly competent apothecary and alchemist, his current focus is tailoring cures and potions to various species.  As part of this he is willing to offer potions to people at highly competitive rates if they promise to report back to him on the effectiveness of the various mixes and tweaks.  He is always interested in acquiring potion, alchemical items and -most of all- research and formula of such, for those he will offer a fair price in coin but a very good value of trade.

Ivorysmile is distantly related to snakemen or dragons or both, even he may not know, but he is able to speak with snakes and reptiles and is near immune to their venom.  He has access to a variety of occult and secret alchemical techniques that he has gained in his travels and researches, all of his notes and journals is kept in his personal cypher.  Among the things that Ivorysmile keeps in his wagon is a wide variety of poisonous snakes, that are all very friendly to him.  But uninvited guests are likely to have a rude surprise.


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