Review – Halloween Horrors

22 October, 2014

Halloween Horrors provides six supernatural foes suitable for modern superhero games, though they could easily be adjusted to find modern horror games as well.  A good source of inspiration for horror-based adventures, nothing too deep here but the horrors are easy to use and should spark an adventure when you need one.

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New Magic Item – Ghost-Maker

21 October, 2014

An old sword and older curse“This town looks familiar . . .” the old warrior looked about suspiciously.

“It has changed hands recently,” the squire said, “my Lord took it in glorious battle.  That is why it is called Karlsburg now, after Sir Karl who lead the final assault.”

“What was it called before?” the warrior’s hand dropped to the hilt of the worn sword.

“Does it matter?  I think it was Ostbridge.”

“No, not Ostbridge,” wailed the old warrior in terror and took off running.

The warrior was never seen again, but the sword was found in a circle of blood at the edge of town, near to where a massacre had happened several decades before when a group of wounded soldiers was ambushed and slaughtered.  Local rumor said it was haunted and such rumors only intensified after the warrior’s disappearance.


This sword is of an antique design and has seen much hard use, looking closely on the blade, there is faint indication that runes were once etched along it. The hilt is made of yellowed ivory usually wrapped. The blade is cold to the touch and blood does not cling to it.

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Superhero RPG Appendix N Challenge

20 October, 2014

So, Barking Alien has challenged us Superhero RPG GMs to:

[L]ist between 5 and 10 Superhero comic books, and 5 to 10 Superhero live action or animated shows or films, that typify your style of Superhero RPG campaign.

Minimum is 5. Maximum is 10. This means you have to really think about the ones that best embody the type of Supers gaming you prefer. Who’s up for the challenge?

So, let me give it a shot.


Astro City, Busiak’s love of comics and appreciation of the craziness of the genre is evident across this entire series.  Very inspirational.

The Doom Patrol, especially Grant Morrison’s run, I love the hardluck superheroes of the Doom Patrol, people who did not want superpowers yet are willing to use them to help others and the Chief is fantastic in his madness.

Planetary, the exploration of the secret history of a supers world is fascination, while it has occasional missteps, overall a fantastic series.

Power Man and Iron Fist, Heroes for Hire, hitting my love of street level superhero and supervillains.  Yes, a bit blinkered in its sensibilities but Marvel was trying to reach out, I think, even if they had a tin ear every now and then.

(New) Teen Titans, the Perez/Wolfman run primarily, teen supers managing the best they can both in the shadow of the established heroes and with their own enemies.

Zenith, Morrison’s first superhero comic and suitably dark yet poppy with amazing art by Steve Yeowell (and now being re-released after being out of print for years).

I am sure there are others, my interest these days is more along the lines of Silver Age heroics, when heroes were heroes and villains were villains with crazy shticks.

Other Media

Doctor Who, he is a superhero without a doubt and he fights all sorts of bizarre supervillains and a good warning about how difficult it is to use time travel in a game.

Greatest American Hero, again, someone trying to manage the best they can with powers they can only just manage.

The Specials, a little known live action superhero movie that is more a slice of life story, it is just that the people involved happen to be part of a super team.

Teen Titans, a great blend between action heroics and light comedy.  I was very sad when they shut this series down.

The Tick, both animated and live action, truly but lovingly embraced the insanity that a world filled with superheroes would lead to.  (The comics are good too.)

I am willing to look in on most any superhero themed show or movie (and I am enjoying both the Flash and Gotham so far) and I am sure there is more media I should put up there, but nothing is leaping to mind.


Review – the Tome of Twisted Things (for Pathfinder)

15 October, 2014

While not for every campaign, the Tome of Twisted Things is full of interesting and useful ideas and resources that could be easily incorporated into a campaign.  Mostly they will fit into a campaign world where the fight between good and evil is brutal and where good is losing ground that is the sort of situation where the Darkborn and Avengers would thrive.  My only real complaint is the pinkish background of the PDF which is a little disturbing to stare at.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Purifying Leeches

14 October, 2014

Helpful bloodsuckers“Doctor Venn, can you help her?”

The old Doctor nodded slowly. “She has just gotten into some bad berries,” the Doctor turned over the palms of the young girl which were stained with red juices.


“We will need fresh water,”  said the Doctor, “and warm blankets.”

“Of course.”

Once she was along, the Doctor fished out a jar.  “Very few appreciate you as I do my soft bodied friends.”  She opened the jar and carefully and precisely placed three leeches on the body of the patient.

Purifying Leeches

These leeches are carefully raised and kept in special sustaining glass jars until needed for treatment of toxins and diseases.  They seem just like any other leech except to the trained eye who will notice that they are exceptional clean.

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Magic Sets for Sale -Arabian Nights and Antiquities- to Help Sick Pets (relisted)

13 October, 2014

Started playing Magic back in Beta and my wife collected the cards for the art, we both dropped out of serious play and collecting after a few years but she kept her cards stored away.  Unfortunately, a couple of our cats are sick, one is in remission from cancer and the other has FIV, so we have unexpected expenses for them.

To help cover them, she is selling her complete sets of:

Arabian Nights, with a the variant printings and a few extra cards.


Please take a look and feel free to share the links with anyone who might be interested.

Note: No luck the first time around, so they have been relisted.  Please help.


Review – Stolen Souls (for Shadowrun)

10 October, 2014

Shadowrun: Stolen Souls advances elements of the Sixth World’s metaplot while providing some useful resources and advice.  Do you need this book?  Well, if you want to understand the mystery of the Head Cases, yes.  If you want to run a game set in 2070s New York, yes.  But for me, it is the discussion of extraction tricks and tactics that makes this book immensely useful as it is one of my favorite types of mission to use as a GM.  But your campaign is your campaign, so see if this will help and purchase it if the answer is yes.

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